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Update 1:45pm Thursday 6th June 2019

We hope you are all enjoying your courses this term - we have had some really positive feedback. Thank You!

Thanks also for your continued interest and support for our Courses for the Autumn Term. We are currently gathering information from Tutors about what they wish to offer. We have also been contacted by some new Tutors who wish to offer additional Courses, so we should have lots to advertise later this term.

Meanwhile our Software Contractors are making some technical changes to improve your enrolment experience.
We will of course be letting you know as soon as we can, when enrolment for September goes "live".

Enrolment for our Summer Term Courses is of course now closed. Start times for Courses which are running are still on the "Our Courses" page, for now.

If you have any questions please click on the Contact Us button above.


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