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Update 8:30am Tuesday 19th March 2019

TWO classes now full (Traditional Upholstery and Yoga) and removed from the enrolment page.....several others now with only a place or two left.........although the closing date for enrolments is Sunday 28th April, THIS IS SUBJECT TO CLASSES NOT BEING FILLED BEFORE THEN.

In other words, please don't assume enrolment can be left until 28th April ! ENROL NOW and be sure of your place. We've made it easier to find us from the school website - you don't now have to go via the "About Us" link - there's a direct route via the "Community Education" button on the toolbar.

Our latest enrolment FAQ is: Why are classes limited in size?
Class sizes are limited by several factors, such as the room capacity and the number of students a tutor can realistically cater for and support in each session. We also have to limit class sizes because if we didn't, with online enrolment being open to everyone, we could conceivably end up with way more than this. If this sounds unlikely, we are well aware that some of our classes could be easily doubled in size and still have frustrated customers - its very flattering to realise that our classes are so popular, but we do have to draw the line somewhere!

Thank you - and we hope to receive your enrolment soon!

If you need to contact us, whether about enrolment or any other issues, please click on the button above.


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